The Secret Life of Water

“El agua al igual que tú, llegaron de las estrellas, el agua es emoción, tú respiraste emoción al igual que todos en un vientre YIN (sustancia) para luego compartir aire, tierra y fuego. Ahora es momento de que recuerdes lo que es SER compasivo, transparente fuerte y claro… somos agua, somos sentires, somos emoción. Deja fluir la emoción, deja fluir el sentir, se AGUA para poder SER” ∞ luckylenin

“soul of all souls” – Rumi

“We are water”

“Water arrived on this earth after traveling through space.”

“Water is a part of the rhythm of life.”

“River, splashing, sparkling, flowing magnificently. At the first muddy stream, the water eventually becomes a river flowing through Meadows - waterways, carrying life within”

“Water is life, water is beauty.”

“Indeed, this planet is like one life form. And what is it that gives life to this living planet? Water of course.”

“You are water and the wisdom of water you know. So just allow yourself to flow, and then the wonder grows… Your soul will reach beyond the seas, with harmony on prayer of peace…”

“…Never stopping, never halting, bravely water flows… Brightly and body into the Cosmo’s for water knows.”

“Sandy beach, blue sky, sparkling ocean reflecting the SUN and white waves. Aeons ago, this is where ti all began. The ocean gave birth to life an life merged on land…”

“Understanding waters remarkable journey to and through our planet may bring us closer to the answers we are searching for.”

“Water faithfully mirrors all vibration create in the world, and changes these vibration into a form that can be seen with the human eye.”

“Morning mist, droplet flowing down the veins of Green Leaves. Water, in its most pure and beautiful form rises up the cool air of the first morning, creating a mist.”

“The water will then rise into the air as mist that drifts among the trees, or it will rise even higher to form clouds.”

“Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten how to show our appreciation for water. water from the ground is polluted, and water form our taps no longer taste good, so we resort to water in plastic bottles.”

“Water carries within it your thoughts and your prayers. And as you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world.”

“Ice crystals, shining diamonds, a new hope the beginning of a new adventure.”

“water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is a blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you are open to it.”

“The universe, silence, a world stretching into all eternity.”

“Water’s long journey began when it arrived on this planet in the form of lumps of ice from the far reaches of the universe.”

“The earth, emerald-green, shining brightly. As the ices approaches Earth, it enters the atmosphere and begins to break up, gradually becoming smaller, spreading out, and then finally falling to the ground.”

“From there, arose all the diverse forms of natures and life that now cover the surface of this planet. And from that point, human civilisation arose, and the life of each individual was born.”

“When water encounters human beings it has even more to witness.”

“As water makes its journey through life, in becomes a witness to all life on earth, becoming it’s self the flow of life.”

“In the process of eternal rebirth, water is there to give us a full account of tis wisdom and experience.”

“Rain, falling down on plants, gently providing moisture. Rain falls, bringing nourishment to the earth-forest, fields, flowers. The water sinks into the ground only to emerge ages later as spring water.”

“We are now approaching the end of this journey of water together. What discoveries did you make along the way?”

“Water has a secret life. It shows us how to find happiness. It reveals the meaning of love and nature. It shows us the path that humankind must take to find the answers you seek.”

“Let water flow.” ∞ Masaru Emoto

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