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      Home>Products & Service>Cement and building materials equipment

      Cement and building materials equipment

      • Cement mill

        Cement mill

        Provide complete sets of nissan 5000 tons of cement rotary kiln production line
      • Rotary cement kiln

        Rotary cement kiln

        Provide complete sets of nissan 5000 tons of cement rotary kiln production line
      • Rolling Machine

        Rolling Machine

        Roller press is our Ccmpany self-independent research and development product. It is combined with production practice, fully absorb the experience of each equipment manufacturer both at home and abroad,in-depth study in various aspects have carried on the comprehensive technological improvement, use effect is good, long life, easy maintenance.
      • Separator


        Classifier has many types, common have O -Sepa classifier, cyclone classifier, three separate classifier, centrifugal classifier, coal mill dedicated classifier, calcium powder classifier,different type number for different systems, different type is used for different materials, but also need to make according to the requirement of the material fineness.