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      Mine hoist

      • Single rope mining hoist

        Single rope mining hoist

        Sichuan Coal Group companies produce the JK 2 JK series winding hoist drum diameter sizes up to 5.5 m, depth of 1500 m.
      • Multi-rope mining hoist

        Multi-rope mining hoist

        Sichuan Coal Group companies produce JKM, JKMD series of friction hoist roll diameter size of 5.5 m, depth of 1500 m.
      • Mine hoist

        Mine hoist

        JTP Series Mine Hoist for coal, metal ores and non-metallic mine in the tilt of the tunnel and shaft lift materials and personnel used.
      • Shaft sinking hoist

        Shaft sinking hoist

        shaft sinking hoist played well after handling guide somewhere else and then used for drilling wells, requiring compact, light weight, easy to disassemble handling the demolition of parts with sufficient rigidity to facilitate the installation again.