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      Crushing Equipment

      • PE、PEX


        The jaw crusher is mainly used for medium-grained ore and bulk material crushing, the highest compressive strength of the material being broken 320Mpa.
      • Impact Crusher

        Impact Crusher

        The Impact Crusher has a simple structure, large crushing ratio, low power consumption, high output, light weight, cubic shape and the advantages of the end product was broken.
      • Spring Cone Crusher

        Spring Cone Crusher

        Spring cone crusher is a conical my company after years of technology development and the introduction of advanced crushing technology American developed on behalf of the domestic advanced level of technology of crusher.
      • Vibrating grizzly feeder series

        Vibrating grizzly feeder series

        Our companys feeder series is a kind of linear direction vibration feeder. it makes a feature of smooth vibrating, reliable in operation, long service life and suitable for feeding, material into the crusher while screening away soil contained in the raw material. They are widely used in mining, building-material, silicate and chemical industry in the crushing and screening plants.
      • Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

        Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

        S series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is the plain group introduced foreign advanced technology production of cone crusher is suitable for the crusher, a total of three specifications. The entire design adopted appropriate eccentricity, adjustable, export type cavity design is reasonable, can get uniform material under 40 mm.
      • Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

        Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

        Sichuan mining group, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts full hydraulic pressure operation, easy to use, easy to realize automation, reliability and life expectancy is greatly increased. Simple structure, easy operation, maintenance, discharging mouth, convenient adjustment, maintenance time, especially the lining board is easy to change quickly, reduce downtime.
      • Compound cone crusher

        Compound cone crusher

        Cone crushing are widely used in metallurgical industry, building materials industry, construction industry, chemical industry and silicate industry, is suitable for crushing medium and hardness above all kinds of ores and rocks. The machine crushing strength, high efficiency, high capacity, low operating cost, easy to adjust, the use of economic, long service life.
      • Double roll crusher

        Double roll crusher

        Double roll crusher for ore dressing, chemical, cement, building materials industries crushed and broken in a variety of minerals and rocks with medium hardness. Double roll crusher is mainly composed of the body, roller, long gear and safety spring and other parts. There are double motors, double pulley drive. Is the transmission driven by motor through a triangle belt direction of two rolls to do relative rotation, complete material crushing. The roll gap adjustment can be within the prescribed scope, to control the partical size. Two of PGC 400 x 250, 610 x 400, 720 x 750 is used for fine crushing.