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      Product List

      • Single rope mining hoist

        Single rope mining hoist

        Sichuan Coal Group companies produce the JK 2 JK series winding hoist drum diameter sizes up to 5.5 m, depth of 1500 m.
      • Cement mill

        Cement mill

        Provide complete sets of nissan 5000 tons of cement rotary kiln production line
      • Rotary cement kiln

        Rotary cement kiln

        Provide complete sets of nissan 5000 tons of cement rotary kiln production line
      • Ball Mill

        Ball Mill

        My company to provide you with: wet grate ball mill, the overflow type ball mill, dry grate ball mill, dry wet rod mill, ball mill, ball mill equipment.
      • PE、PEX


        The jaw crusher is mainly used for medium-grained ore and bulk material crushing, the highest compressive strength of the material being broken 320Mpa.
      • Impact Crusher

        Impact Crusher

        The Impact Crusher has a simple structure, large crushing ratio, low power consumption, high output, light weight, cubic shape and the advantages of the end product was broken.
      • Spring Cone Crusher

        Spring Cone Crusher

        Spring cone crusher is a conical my company after years of technology development and the introduction of advanced crushing technology American developed on behalf of the domestic advanced level of technology of crusher.
      • Self return soda ash steam calciner