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      News List

      1. 2015-04-23

        Business investment  Business investment

      2. 2015-03-24

        Yunnan: Highway 15 years completed and open to traffic mileage of 4000 kilometers, is expected to realize 20, from Yunnan province highway construction to promote the meeting was informed that, in accordance with the beginning of the target task, this year Yunnan province will add the highway traffic mileage of 745 kilometers, 15 highway will be completed and open to traffic. "The three years since the implementation of the assault fortified positions," the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, Yunnan vigorously promote the highway construction, and constantly improve the ability and level of traffic rapid access, made new achievements, to achieve new breakthroughs.

      3. 2015-03-23

        Xinjiang in 2015 the construction of the rural highway 4300 kilometers Recently, the research department of Party committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region transportation in 2015 identified a close to the livelihood of the people 10 things. 10 things including rural highway construction, road network construction, passenger access, among them, rural highway "smooth and enriching the people" project and the village level infrastructure projects a total investment of 2700000000 yuan, construction, renovation and new mileage of 4300 km.

      4. 2015-03-19

        Xinjiang Corps set of key projects 417600000000 yuan investment plan The Xinjiang production and Construction Corps Press Office held 17 conference. In 2015, the Corps will continue to increase affordable housing, social undertakings and other livelihood projects investment intensity. Keep the water, energy, interoperability, and municipal infrastructure investment scale. The optimization of industry, agriculture, service industry investment structure, improve investment quality and benefit. Pay attention to environmental protection and resource conservation and utilization. Conscientiously do a good job to undertake and construction assistance project. Arrangements for the implementation of key projects construction of the ten field of 86, a total investment of 417600000000 yuan, plans to invest 140000000000 yuan in 2015, representing an annual investment plan of 70%.

      5. 2015-03-18

        Guangxi this year will add 597 km high-speed 6 counties through high speed Recently, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region development and Reform Commission issued the "2015 the autonomous region level co-ordination to promote the construction of major projects implementation plan" (referred to as the "plan"), one of major projects, traffic in the area of the largest proportion.

      6. 2015-03-17

        Shanxi highway construction market in 2015 to finalize a total investment of 24500000000 yuan This year, Shanxi province highway construction plans to invest 24500000000 yuan, of which the arrangement of highway construction investment 17500000000 yuan, the new, continued construction of 17 projects, plans to complete the construction of 906 kilometers mileage. The common trunk highways and rural road construction focuses on poverty area, comprehensively promote the three year construction plan. This is the March 12th from the provincial transportation department was informed that the.

      7. 2015-03-16

        The Yangtze River railway construction upsurge was set off the year plans to invest 55900000000 yuan 12, learned from the Shanghai Railway Bureau, this year the Yangtze River railway construction throughout the year plans to complete the 55900000000 yuan investment in the construction, ensure the construction started 6 projects opened and 12 project, launched operation mileage of over 1200 km. The Yangtze River railway transport capacity, transport capacity will be increased.

      8. 2015-03-13

        Ningxia invested 9550000000 yuan to implement the 49 highway construction projects From the Ningxia transportation department was informed that this year, Ningxia will continue to increase the investment in fixed assets, the highway plans to invest 15000000000 yuan, an increase of 10% over last year. The money, the Ningxia transportation department to Highway Construction Bureau issued a 49 construction projects, plans to invest 9550000000 yuan in building.