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      Yunnan: Highway 15 years completed and open to traffic mileage of 4000 kilometers, is expected to realize

      20, from Yunnan province highway construction to promote the meeting was informed that, in accordance with the beginning of the target task, this year Yunnan province will add the highway traffic mileage of 745 kilometers, 15 highway will be completed and open to traffic. "The three years since the implementation of the assault fortified positions," the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, Yunnan vigorously promote the highway construction, and constantly improve the ability and level of traffic rapid access, made new achievements, to achieve new breakthroughs.
      According to the provincial Party committee, the provincial government determined by "three years of poverty", by the end of 2015 highway construction investment 42000000000 yuan, the realization of the provinces highway traffic mileage of 4000 km; playing the "five years, five years after the battle of" the provinces highway traffic mileage of 8000 kilometers of the target, this year, Yunnan to complete the Ma Liu wan to Zhaotong Zhaotong, Huize, to be added to the reactive power to the mountain, PolyOne to Xuanwei, Shiping to red dragon factory 14 expressway construction project.
      It is understood, at present Yunnan province expressway construction projects in Longling Ruili, PolyOne has to Xuanwei, Ma Liu wan to Zhaotong, Zhaotong to Huize, to be added to the reactive power mountain, Shiping to red dragon factory, Funing to Yunnan and Guangxi circles (Long Liu), Baoshan to Tengchong (Longjiang bridge), the loess slope to Jinpu, Li pan Huaping to Sichuan Yunnan circle, Kunming high-speed beltway, Ruili, Longchuan, to the southeast section of Zhenxiong to Bijie, West Bridge to the stone forest, Chenggong to Chengjiang, Jinning to Hongta District, Pingyuan Wenshan Expressway from Pingyuan to Songming to Kunming, the old Hui long period, Xuanwei, Mengzi to Qujing to Wenshan to Jinning to Jiangchuan, Yanshan, Lijiang to Huaping, Lijiang to Shangri-La and Sheep Street to chicken Street Expressway a total of 24 (among them, the West Bridge to Shilin highway has been completed and opened to traffic on February 16, 2015), the construction of a total mileage of 1604 kilometers, a total budget of 145800000000 yuan (the Lihua expressway construction can not reply, not yet approved, preliminary design reika highway not plan investment estimate). Since the start of the above project total investment 72429000000 yuan, accounting for 49.67% of the investment budget. 54135000000 yuan in funds.
      One of the 3 highway project of Jinning to Jiangchuan, Lijiang to Huaping, Lijiang to Shangri-La has not been substantive started. Jinning to Jiangchuan expressway due to river reservoir control a water source protection areas, route scheme has not yet undetermined, preliminary design approval; Lijiang to Huaping expressway work has not yet been approved, has not yet approved the preliminary design of Lijiang to Shangri-La expressway.