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      Performance display


      Countries and regions cooperated inthe  recent years

      Sichuan Mining Group to continue to promote technological innovation and transformation and upgrading, to enhance the companys core competitiveness, including the participation of a large number of landmark projects:
      ? provides a large ceramsite complete production line equipment for the French Saint-Gobain in the Arkansas Project
      ? Vietnam in the countrys first passenger ropeway - Vietnamese black woman mountain cableway from the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning one-stop service
      ? To provide a complete production line of annual output of 6,000 tons of cement equipment in Saudi Arabia
      ? export to Turkey 4m mine hoist
      ? provide for the Uzbek only large soda plant sets Soda calcined equipment
      ? for the same customer in Pakistan repeatedly series steam calciner equipment, etc.
      ? producing 6000 tons of dry process clinker production line for the Qinghai Salt Lake Day Φ5.2 × 74m rotary kiln Φ4.2 × 13m ball mill and other host device
      ? an annual output of 10 million tons of iron concentrate project in Chengde, Hebei large mine mill
      ? Benxi mine hoist, enhance the speed of 9.4 m / s (1500 m depth)
      ? manufacturing the highest elevation in China the cableway - Yunnan Shangri-La cableway (altitude 4400m, the height difference of 950m pulsation cycle passenger ropeway)
      ? Aggregates Production line equipment 400t / h Chongqing Three Gorges Project
      ? Qinghai Province biggest sodium bicarbonate production line the large alkali manufacturing equipment - back to base itself steam calciner
      ? provide for an annual output of 400 million tons of alumina utilization of fly ash recycling economy demonstration projects in Shandong Binzhou kits host device