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      Service hotline:18989281813
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      Build the high-end brand of heavy machinery industry

      ● a field of equipment manufacturing and services, dedication to customers with high quality products and services continue to create value leader in Sichuan Mining Group business philosophy

      Integrity, specifications, system efficiency

      ● The specifications and the fundamental guarantee of the system is the basis of high-quality products and services, and also the development of enterprises
      ● emphasizes the fundamental integrity in order to obtain the trust of customers, the moral demands of the corporate image, to produce high-value soil
      ● effective embodied by the enterprise constantly creating labor, to provide customers with higher value to obtain the return of their own benefit, to provide customers with higher value the true meaning behind the lies member
      Workers value
      ● enterprise value, customer value and social value to achieve a win-win situation, common development and long-term cooperation

      The Sichuan Mining Group strategic vision

      ● a leading world-class heavy industries
      ● Sichuan Mining Group in equipment manufacturing and services sectors of production and services industry, providing customers with high-value throughout the entire industry chain and enterprise activities
      ● Sichuan Mining Group, the concept of service, providing customers with high value to win customers, partners, investors binder with market catalyst
      ● creation of corporate behavior force has to defuse, blending the dialectical unity of the special energy, core values ??is the Sichuan Mining Group Towards a modern enterprise comprehensive upgrade operation